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atlanta birth photographer, welcome auden!


I was honored to be the birth doula and birth photographer at this recent birth. It was a marathon, and I ended up spending about 24 hours with this family as they worked hard to welcome their baby girl into the world--and right into Dad's hands!

I usually meet my doula clients in early active labor at their home. I help with comfort measures, and if they have hired me as their birth photographer also, I document that time. I help figure out when it is time to leave for the hospital or Birth Center if that is in the plan, and I go with them. And aside from small breaks to eat and maybe even nap, I stay with my clients until about two hours after baby arrives. I love documenting this whole story for clients as their birth photographer! 


Many people ask how I can be a family's birth doula and birth photographer at the same time. The short answer is that I multi-task. I show up as a Doula, and any time my hands are free I pick up my camera to take a few pictures. I do this discreetly and without using a flash so that I do not disturb the very intimate space. This means I embrace grain, as the doula in me usually has the lights low. I try to tell the story of each baby's birthday, and not using a flash gives me more authentic photographs.


As a birth doula I try hard to involve the partner when there is one. I recognize that this is a big day for the father or other mother also, and I think it is important to help him/her to effectively be a part of the day if so desired. I take turns with the partner when possible, which also frees up my hands to take pictures. 



I create a birth story for each birth photography client--a slideshow set to music that beautifully tells the story of your baby's birthday. I never share birth photography without permission. 















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