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Storytelling through curated video clips set to licensed music.

When you hear that giggle, Family Films have the power to take you right back to that can almost feel those little arms around you one more time. Family Photography stops time, but Home Movies are like stepping back into the memory. Family videography is the perfect time capsule for you, your kids, and your grandkids.

Newborn Films | Hello, World!

The perfect introduction to the world, newborn family films are about a minute long, and include those little details that are such a brief moment in your parenting journey. The rest of the family is encouraged to be a part of the newborn family film. You and your kids will be able to see what those first days of getting to know each other felt like. 

Home Movies

Small video clips of you and your family thoughtfully put together and set to music. A special day out and about, or an ordinary day in your beautiful life. Home Movie video sessions usually last about two hours, and can include multiple locations. A moving story of your family in this moment.

A Birthday Portrait

Your child is this age once. Whether it's your two year old and the way she waves "bye," your seven year old who has finally learned how to swim, or your thirteen year old's love of the guitar, this moment will pass. A family film is a great way to preserve this memory for you, your kids, and your grandkids. 

The whole family is included in small ways throughout the film that is mostly about one child at this age right now. 

Interested in multiple sessions throughout the year, with a Year in the Life Family Film at the end?

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