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Documentary Family Photography At Home | Atlanta

Documentary Family Photography

You might be asking "What does that even mean?" I get it. There are so many photographers in Atlanta and we all probably sound the same on our websites. Most family photographers want to capture beautiful family moments and connections. What makes a family photoshoot a "documentary" photoshoot is its unscripted, no direction, authenticity. It's real life, and nothing is better.

Documentary family photography preserves the story of your family life right now: nothing posed or directed; simply honest moments, beautifully photographed.

Documentary photo shoots include locations that are a part of your story. A lot of times this means photographing families at home, because our homes are such a big part of our family lives. Atlanta has tons of beautiful parks, but I'm not interested in just another pretty background. I want to tell your unique story. If your family hangs out at one of those beautiful parks, then let's go there! But I know that for me the pictures of my childhood that mean the most to me now are the pictures that include meaningful locations.

Documentary family photography shows personalities in a way that other styles of photography can't. Making beautiful pictures of real moments means that family dynamics and personalities are captured in an honest way, and in a way that posed portraits typically can't.

But possibly the best argument for documentary family photography is that it is stress free. Nobody has to do anything they don't want to do just because the lady with the camera is here. Everyone can wear what they want to wear and sit where they want to sit. Nobody has to say cheese or even smile unless they feel like it.

Day in the Life Photo Sessions

I offer Day in the Life photography in two lengths: 5 or 8 hours. While 8 hours of being photographed might sound overwhelming, it's really not. Because you don't have to do anything special! You might want to plan some activities, or you can just go about your normal life while I tag along and photograph the amazingness happening in front of me. The laughter, the tantrums, and the quiet moments that are a normal part of your everyday life with children. You can make this stuff up.

I strongly believe that pictures should be seen and held--in your actual hands. I want to help you get them off of the computer and into prints, and I think albums are the best way to do this with Day in the Life sessions. Documentary family photography tells a story, which makes albums the perfect way to view them.

I like to design albums, and you don't have to think about anything but the color linen you want on the cover! Easy and stress free, you will have an album you and your kids will cherish.

A Morning with the Iglehearts

I recently got to hang out with and photograph the Igleheart family in their backyard. We played in the fort, made and ate s'mores, used the garden hose to clean off the toy car and then the rest of the family, and dug in the dirt. After all that it was time for an epic bubble bath, which naturally involved chaos, sweetness and tickles.

All in a Day in the Life. Nothing is better than real life!

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from our time together:

Kids running down the driveway next to their mother

Boys riding on their dad's feet

Dad carrying both of his boys

Dad helping his son climb on a play structure

Young boy sitting on a play structure in the backyard

Brothers sliding together and laughing

Family cooking s'mores in the backyard

Dad feeding mom a s'more on the back deck

Boy swinging in the backyard

Brothers next to a swing

Mom helping a little boy onto a swing

Little boy spraying his family with a garden hose

Barefoot brothers digging in the dirt with shovels

Muddy fingers and toes in the garden

Little boy climbing the outside of the stairs while his dad isn't paying attention

Brothers waiting for the bathtub to fill

The water from the bathtub jets spraying everywhere

Boy covered in bubbles

Bubble bath for brothers

Little boy hiding in a bath towel at home

A boy wrapped in a towel being tickled by dad after the bath

Are you interested in Day in the Life photography in or around Atlanta? Let's talk! This moment really is going by super fast, but we can preserve these memories in an honest, beautiful, and stress free way.


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