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What is Family Videography?

We have all gotten used to having a videographer at weddings, it's become pretty common. And it makes sense--the magic of video is amazing, and different than photography. Now family videography, or what I am calling Family Films, is becoming popular. What I am offering is the best of both worlds--I always deliver some still photos with my Family Films.

It was a few months ago when I decided to move outside of my comfort zone and into videography. It sounded scary, and I had to learn a whole new set of skills and software. I was giving Atlanta families the gift of Family Photography, and I thought it would be nice to add family videography to my service list. I had no idea how much I would love making family films!

The magic of video is just different than photos, and I want to document my life and kids using both! In a family film you can hear your baby. My youngest son has this giggle that is contagious when he gets going, and I want to save that sound forever. Hearing my teenagers squeaky kindergarten voice is priceless!

Every chance I get I’ve been making films lately. Learning and creating films has consumed me. I should really say I’ve been shooting video, because some of the films haven’t been completed (I see you beach trip videos that are still on the memory card). But I can’t get these moments back. So I’ll shoot now and edit later :-)


In October my husband and youngest son were in the front yard after school, and when I wondered out to see what they were up to I heard “yeah, we can go ahead and harvest them.”

Last fall my son planted a pumpkin to see what would happen, and a vine had grown 10 sweet little pumpkins right next to our sidewalk. I ran for my camera and started shooting. This was the short film I created. It’s a moment that I might have missed, an everyday beautiful moment as the seasons started to change, and my son harvested his sidewalk pumpkins.


I’ve divided the Films I want to create and offer to other families into three overlapping genres: The 365 project, A Birthday portrait, and Family Films.

The 365 Project films capture your child’s first year in a moving and beautiful way. It includes three sessions to make one film—newborn, 6 month and one year.

A Birthday Portrait is just that: a portrait of your child at this moment. This age, this voice and this way of moving through the world is unique to now, and is fleeting.

Home Movies document your family in this moment, whether it is the beauty of your everyday or a big event in your lives. I like to think of these sessions in terms of an ideal Saturday morning, and what that looks like for you right now.


Chanda Williams is a lifestyle family videographer and photographer in Atlanta. See more about pricing and details here.


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