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Let me just say up front that I am still soooo excited about Atlanta Birth Center. The options for families to have a respectful, evidence based birth experience have grown so much since I first became a doula in 2009. For years I attended events and donated my time in hopes of making Atlanta Birth Center a reality, and this past July it actually happened!

The birth of Leo is the second birth that I have been honored to attend at the Birth Center, and I was once again impressed by the atmosphere of calm and love. The Midwives and Nurses have been incredible, and of course the rooms are stunning. It felt like a homebirth at a really nice house!

I am very grateful to the parents of Leo for hiring me as their doula and birth photographer, and for giving me permission to share their birth story. I create a birth story for each birth I photograph, and you can watch the birth of Leo below:

I offer non-judgemental labor support as a DONA and DTI Birth Doula. I also offer discreet birth photography. If you want, I can do both at the same time.

Want to see if I am available to be your Doula and/or Birth Photographer? Email me! I limit myself to two and sometimes three families as birth clients whose due month overlap (two weeks before and two weeks after the 'due date'), so it's never too early to contact me. On the flip side, because babies are on their own schedule and sometimes come early, it's never too late to contact me either! ;-)

If you are interested in Atlanta Birth Center, come meet me and see the amazing space on March 18th! This should be a fun event!

atlanta doula + birth photographer

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