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Birth Photography | Atlanta, GA

Birth Photography | Atlanta, GA

Every birth is different. Every single birth I attend teaches me new things--including that I can pull a mattress into my client's room to nap if it's a slow night at the hospital! lol.

I recently learned this at the birth of baby John, whose awesome parents I supported during the birth of their first child a few years ago. Of course John's birth was nothing like his sister's birth! Siblings tend to let their parents know that they are unique, starting in pregnancy and continuing onto their entrance into the world.

One exciting difference was the addition of Nitrous Oxide as an option at Dekalb Medical. This is a fairly new option in Atlanta, with Dekalb being the only hospital to offer it right now. It is a wonderful option without many risks or side effects, that is short lasting to just get you through a contraction. I was impressed!

I offer doula and birth photography in the Atlanta area, and am so excited to announce that I have formed a collective with two other amazing women. We will be taking birth clients together beginning summer 2018!

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