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Atlanta Birth Photography

atlanta birth photographer
atlanta birth photographer
atlanta birth photographer
atlanta birth photographer
atlanta birth photographer

Welcome Jackson | Atlanta Birth Photography

I was honored to photograph the birth of Jackson at Atlanta Medical Center about a month ago. It began as an induction, and so I stopped by early on and then returned when labor had been established. It was a wonderful birthday party complete with good friends, flowers and lots of laughter!


My goal as your birth photographer is to tell the story of your baby's birthday, and to tell that story in an authentic and discreet way. I do not use a flash on my camera, and instead embrace the grain that happens in low light. I think that flashes disrupt the birth space, and that grain adds to the journalistic feel I'm going for.

The day your baby is born is the most important day of your life. Whether it's your first or sixth child, it is a day that changes you in a way that you can't predict or imagine. The memory of it can be a blur, and I give you photographs and a video that you will cherish.

The first step to hiring me is to find out if I am available around your estimated due date. You can read more about my birth photography, including pricing, here. I limit the amount of birth clients to 2-3 whose due months (two weeks before and two weeks after the "due date") overlap, and have great back-up if needed. It's never too early to get on my calendar.


I create a birth story for every birth photography client. It is a beautiful telling of your baby's birthday set to music. I never share birth photography without the permission of my client, and am so appreciative when this permission is given. Below you can watch the beautiful birth of Jackson.

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