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Candid Maternity Photography in Atlanta

Hey there, Atlanta!

I'm excited to share a glimpse into a recent maternity session that was an absolute dream to shoot. I'm all about that candid family photography life, because those are the moments that make life truly special. The moments that aren't scripted or rehearsed, but just happen naturally, like the spontaneous giggles of your little ones or the tender moments shared between soon-to-be parents.

This recent evening maternity session was awesome. We kicked things off at their cozy home, and hanging out in their yard. No fancy props or stiff poses here, just real-life moments captured as they unfolded. This is what their life looks like right now, just a few weeks from a giant shift as they welcome their second baby.

As the golden hour approached, we decided to venture out to their favorite nearby park for a hike and a picnic dinner. We headed to their favorite park in Atlanta because I want to document their world, not make cookie cutter photos of what "perfection" might look like.

From playful tickles to quiet snuggles, we captured what makes this journey through parenthood so incredibly special. What I love most about documenting moments like these is the authenticity that shines through. No forced poses or cheesy grins here—just genuine, unfiltered love and excitement.

So, if you're in the market for an Atlanta Family Photographer who's all about capturing the heart and soul of your family's story, hit me up. Let's create some magic together, one candid moment at a time. ✨

Family hanging out in front yard with dogs

Pregnant Mom sitting on a couch with daughter and dog

The messy bun of a little girl

Mom helping little girl climb up a wall

Smiling girl in the bushes

Little girl riding a bike

Little girl pulling her messy hair bun out in the front yard

Family on a hike

Family standing next to a lake at sunset

Pregnant mom hugging her daughter

Pregnant mom watching daughter go down the slide at the playground

Dad playing with daughter on the playground

Family having a picnic

Little girl running away from her parents


Chanda Williams is an Atlanta family photographer specializing in real life candid documentary family photography. Because real life is the best. Maternity, newborn and family sessions that are laid back and tell your authentic story.

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