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Family Videography | Atlanta | Summer Film

Family Videography | Last Days of Summer | Kirkwood, Atlanta

I recently had the pleasure of joining a delightful family by their poolside for a laid-back, sun-soaked videography session that perfectly encapsulated the essence of summer's final days.

As a videographer who specializes in capturing the warmth and authenticity of family moments, this session was nothing short of a dream come true. It's astounding how quickly time can slip through our fingers, and there's no better way to savor those last drops of summer than by immortalizing them on film.

Our evening was a beautiful adventure of pure, unstaged fun. Laughter filled the air as they flipped from the rocks and floated on rafts. There are so many interesting personalities and relationships that come with seven kids!

As I watch the final cut of our family videography session, I can't help but smile. This session was a testament to the enduring power of memories created with loved ones, and the honor I have in capturing those moments for my clients. May your own summer days be filled with cannonballs, water fights, and the timeless joy that comes from cherishing the bonds of family.

"Life with little kids is a constant dichotomy. We live in a persistent tension of exhausting days and the knowledge that in years to come we will yearn to get back to the days we are living now"

Family film sessions are completely unstaged, authentic time spent with family. We'll chat before our session to come up with a very loose 'plan,' and then let the session unfold organically. Every family film also includes a few photos, including a family portrait and candids.

Chanda Williams is a natural light photographer and videographer making art out of real life. For awesome Atlanta families of all kinds, and available for travel.


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