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Outdoor Family Photography | Atlanta

I had fun photographing this awesome family in their front yard recently. Their three year old is full of life, and embracing her new role as big sister.

It won’t be long before her princess shoes actually fit her, and then they’ll be too small. And it will feel like just a few days before she’ll be too big to pick up, and she won’t want to jump in puddles anymore. Baby brother won't fit in her lap soon enough.

I have a really bad memory, which I think is one of the reasons family photography is so important to me. More important than our wedding photos, partly because the everyday moments are what has woven this life we’ve made together.

The little moments, the connections and the details that slip away from memory—that’s the good stuff! I am a family photographer because beautiful family photos document those little everyday things, not just pretty portraits... But those too ;)

You will never regret having your picture taken with your kids. Ever.


Chanda Williams is an Atlanta family photographer and film maker, serving laid back families who recognize how quickly time is moving. Her honest approach to documenting allows families to preserve the memories they are making, and to tell their beautifully wild story.

Atlanta and Decatur


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