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Twice the Love: A Newborn Twin photo Session in Atlanta

A recent newborn session in Atlanta

As a photographer, stepping into the home of newborn twins is like embarking on a journey of subtle discovery, where every coo, every yawn, and every tiny movement reveals a glimpse of their distinct personalities.

In fact my favorite part of photographing newborn twins is noticing the subtle differences that make each baby unique from the very beginning. Despite sharing the same genetic makeup and womb for nine months, they arrive in the world with their own distinct features, mannerisms, and personalities waiting to be uncovered. It's a reminder that even in the earliest moments of life, individuality shines through.

During a recent session with Robin and Marnie, I was struck by their contrast... One twin has curly hair, while the other has straight. One had a tendency to curl their tiny fingers into fists, while the other stretched out her little arms with an air of curiosity. I can't help but wonder if these little differences speak to who they will grow into. It's a reminder that while they may share a bond unlike any other, they are also distinct individuals with their own journeys awaiting them.

Photographing newborns at home offers a rare glimpse into the intimate world of family life. There's a sense of warmth and authenticity that comes from capturing these moments in the comfort of their own space, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

My preferred approach to photographing families revolves around unstaged, completely candid documentary photography. Rather than orchestrating poses, I want to capture and transform the everyday realities of my clients into art. However, during newborn sessions, some guidance may be preferred so that I'm able to tell more of the story.

In the end, photographing newborns at home is about more than just capturing beautiful images; it's about celebrating the unique bond and individuality of each baby and each family as it makes a huge transition.


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer in Atlanta and Decatur, with a lean toward unstaged documentary family photography. Nothing is better than real life, and her goal is to make art out of your everyday real life.


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