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atlanta newborn photographer

atlanta newborn photographer; welcome, gus!

What a touching session--between meeting and photographing Gus' loving grandparents, and witnessing the gentle love from big brother, I left this session feeling so good!


I like newborn photography that is authentic, and includes the whole family. We are celebrating the new baby as the newest member of the family, and I like capturing the connections that are being made. I call this type of photography "lifestyle" photography--it's somewhere between posed portraiture and photo-journalism, and does not include weird fake poses.

When I started doing newborn photography, I thought I had to do what is so common these days--babies in baskets and propped on their hands. I've realized that those pictures all look the same, they don't show anything about a family, and they are just cheesy. I like pictures that peek into a family's everyday life, and show some personality. I think of that baby looking at these photos as an adult, and I'm pretty sure that a picture that includes the family and house will feel more special. That's how I have ended up at lifestyle newborn photography.

To schedule a newborn session, it's best to contact me during your pregnancy. That way I can guarantee a spot on my calendar, and we can plan for our session before you have a new baby at home, and much more important things keeping you busy.

Newborn sessions usually last 2-3 hours and take place in your home. Newborn sessions start at $600 and include digital images. Please contact me for a full pricing menu!

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