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365 Project | Natural Family Photography to capture baby's 1st year | Atlanta

It amazes me to think of the moments and details of both of my baby's first years that have slipped my mind. I even remember rolling my eyes at my Mom when she told me I'd forget most of it.

How could I possibly forget the beautiful and the hard and the joy and the mess of everyday that we were living? But alas, like so many other things, my Mother was right. It doesn't help that I don't have a great memory, and that is a big part of why family photography is so important to me.

I can sit with pictures and remember. And it's not the silly posed photos that move me to tears, it's the candid pictures of snuggles and thigh rolls that take me right back. That is exactly the type of photography that fills my creative bucket. Authentic, real life, true stories that rarely involves a pose.

I like a good portrait as a marker of a time in your life, but most of the pictures that make me feel something have nothing to do with me. What I mean, is that my favorite pictures usually are not the ones where people are looking at me.

The 365 Project came about when I realized that the first year of a baby's life seems to go the fastest. New parents are trying to figure out their new normal, and while they are probably taking lots of pictures of their kids, there's a good chance they are not getting in the shot.

I just photographed the final session of this family's 365 Project + a maternity session, and can't wait to work with them to create the most amazing baby book full of their favorites. What a beautiful book they will have to look at with their kids each year!

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from a pretty crazy year:


outdoor maternity photos

outdoor maternity photos

Father and son walking in a creek

outdoor maternity photos

Dad and son outside

outdoor maternity photos


newborn baby outside

newborn baby and big brother outside

newborn baby and big brother outside

Family on a blanket with a dog

family with a new baby outside

Mother and her baby girl snuggling

Mother nursing her baby on the porch

Mom breastfeeding her baby on the porch

little boy looking out the window

A family on the porch

Mom smiling at her baby

mother and baby

Mom holding her newborn baby

Dad holding his newborn baby

Mom with kids in nursery

newborn in her crib

family in a nursery with baby

Family with their newborn in the nursery

Mom rocking her baby to sleep

Mother and children in nursery at home

Six Months

Baby girl on blanket

Baby girl on blanket

kids on blanket

Family snuggling in the fall

Family being silly together outside

mom and son playing in the leaves

Dad holding his baby girl

Mom playing with her son outside

Mother and son doing yoga outside

mom and son doing yoga

Mom spinning her son around

Family at home

Siblings with christmas tree

Siblings with christmas tree

baby in a jumper

baby at home in a tent

Mother breastfeeding at home

Dad snuggling his son laughing

baby in crib

baby in crib looking at her brother

Mom and baby looking out window

Dad playing with his baby girl in nursery

Baby in high chair

Baby eating in high chair

Baby in high chair with spilled milk

One Year

Toddler outside with mom

Mom and kids outside

Toddler walking outside with mom and brother

Mom tickling her son outside

Toddler outside with dad

Toddler outside with mom

Family having fun on a blanket outside

Toddler outside with mom

Toddler outside in the garden with mom

Toddler outside in garden with mom

Dad and son snuggling

family reading at home

Mom and her son's feet

family at home

baby next to window

kids playing with lights at home

A boy in his bedroom stretching

A boy playing in his indoor tent

Siblings in playroom

Mom reading to her son in playroom

toddler walking down hall at home

What a year it was, full of love and lots of change. It was fun documenting it for this family.


Want to talk more about the 365 project for your family?

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