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A Year in the Life | July 2023 | Atlanta Documentary Photography

Documentary Family Photography

Documentary family photography means unposed candid family photography of real life. Portraits are important too, but documentary photos preserve your memories in a special way. A real way, that transports you back to this precious moment your family is in right now.

Year in the Life

This is a subscription family photography service that I offer to families who want what I do for my own family: multiple sessions throughout the year with a gorgeous album of highlights at the end. There are so many ways that Year in the Life makes sense:

  • A set it and forget it way to ensure that you are capturing pieces of your crazy busy life as parents that goes by so quickly. It's so easy, and perfect for how busy you are.

  • A way to be sure that you are in some of the photos! Not only do you exist but you are totally rocking this parenthood thing (on most days).

  • Not only will you have amazing authentic storytelling pictures on a hard drive, but you will have an album that you can hold in your hands for so many years to come. Your grandkids will be able to see how magic your family is.

Year in the Life | July 2023

July was yet another amazing month for my Year in the Life families. Not only did we document the incredible mundane of everyday life with kids (Saturday morning bagels at the park, Half birthdays and bedtime routine), but we also welcomed a new member to one of the families!

I arrived early in the morning, a few hours after Mom and Dad got home with their newborn, to document the very first morning as a family of six. It was amazing, and I'm so happy I could do that for them.

Enjoy some of my favorites from July 2023 Year in the Life photo sessions.

A Saturday morning walk to get bagels and go to the park:

The morning Mom and Dad brought home baby sister:

The all important half birthday celebration plus the all hands on deck bedtime routine:


Want to learn more about Year in the Life, and be one of the first to know when booking opens for 2024? Interested in gorgeous candid family photography?

Professional photo album
(One of the Year in the Life | 2022 Albums)

Chanda Williams is a natural light documentary family photographer and videographer telling real life stories for families in Atlanta and Decatur. Real life is the best.


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