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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | January 2023 | Atlanta

Newborn sleeping on the bed at home

Big brother snuggling with new baby at home on the bed

Dad and son playing music in the living room while their dog naps nearby

Mom holding her newborn on the couch

Big brother measuring his height

Little boy with a big brother tshirt on playing at home

Family in their kitchen, Mom playing with her son and Dad holding the baby

Mom and Daughter sliding down the bouncy house slide laughing

Little girl playing with her fire truck in front of a bouncy house

Mom and Dad putting shoes on their daughter who wants to ride her tricycle

Little girl on her tricycle being pushed by her dad

Little girl sliding down the bouncy house slide with joy

Sisters playing with the bouncy house balls

Little girl trying to blow up a balloon while Mom watches proudly

Little girl getting her face painted on her birthday

Mom and daughter in the kitchen in their pajamas, laughing with eachother

Mom and all of the kids in the kitchen waiting on pancakes

Big sister giving little brother a hug at the dining room table

Big sisters nervously see their toddler brother coming their way

Mom reading her toddler a book sitting  on the living room floor

Toddler smiling at a cat on the couch

I am overjoyed to have started a second year of Year in the Life project!

My January sessions were fun, and included a wild birthday party with a bounce house and face paint, a regular Saturday morning with pancakes, and a family's first days with their newborn baby at home.

Every newborn photo session I have is special. The goal of documentary newborn photography is to create a visual record of the family's early days with their newborn, preserving memories of this special time in their lives. It can also be an opportunity for families to reflect on the beauty and joy of these fleeting moments. It's even more exciting to me that I will have five more sessions with this family this year. I get to tell their story over a long time, and that is so cool.

"Chanda, If we could afford it, I’d offer to pay you to follow and photograph my family every day. These are perfect and I’m so thankful for them and you!"


What is Documentary Family Photography?

Documentary family photography is a genre of photography that aims to capture candid and authentic moments of a family's daily life, typically in their home or other familiar surroundings. Unlike traditional portrait photography, documentary family photography focuses on capturing real moments and emotions, rather than posed or staged shots.

Documentary family photographers typically work with natural light and avoid using artificial lighting or props. They also tend to use wide-angle lenses to capture more of the environment and the context in which the family lives.

The goal of documentary family photography is to create a visual record of a family's life that will be cherished for years to come. It seeks to capture the essence of a family's relationships and dynamics, and the special moments that make up their everyday lives. Documentary family photography can be a powerful way to preserve memories and tell a family's story. It can also be an opportunity for families to reflect on their lives and appreciate the beauty in their everyday routines. What is the Year in the Life Project?

A sort of set it and forget it, the Year in the Life project is a one year family photography subscription for Atlanta families. A kind of family yearbook, at the end of our year together I create a coffee table style photo book of the best pictures from our time together.

The subscription has three levels: one session every month, every other month, or seasonal. Each photo session is a documentary photography session--completely authentic, artful candid photography, with some portraits thrown in here and there.

Why is this project so amazing?

This project is all about the album at the end. That hit me hard as I was designing last year's albums. These families will have a book they can pull off of their shelf and look through together for so many years to come. In the album they will be able to see the love and remember these days that might otherwise be forgotten.

Because some sessions are big life moments that I tag along for, but most of the sessions are just normal everyday moments. The regular, often mundane days of family life. But through pictures I am lifting up the magic of childhood, the highs and lows of parenthood, and the connections between family members.

When can I sign up?

Sign up for Year in the Life opens December 1st, if there is space. Available spots open first to the waitlist, and then to the broader public. This project is based on the calendar year, however individualized subscription packages are available based on life events, like your baby's first year of life.


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and film maker serving intown Atlanta families who recognize how quickly it's all going by. Located near Decatur and available for travel.


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