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Year In The Life | April 2022 | Atlanta

Documentary family photography is all about capturing real life, and Year in the Life sessions focus on family life. Sometimes that means photographing special celebrations like birthdays and Easter, and other times it means documenting the everyday. It's a chance to slow down and see the beauty you've created.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about two or more things being true at the same time, and my April sessions reminded me a lot of this idea. Our family lives are full of chaos and quiet, of crying and cuddling. I love documentary family photography because it gives me permission to document all of it--real real life :)

Family walking together on a Kirkwood sidewalk

Sister and brother walking and fighting

Mother and daughter on their porch

Mother smiling at her family at home

Girl in a hammock in the backyard
Teenager sitting down to dinner

A Family eating dinner on their porch

Family dinner

Brother and sister in the living room

Mom helping get her daughters shoes off

Dad helping his daughters brush their teeth

Sisters brushing teeth and chatting

Sisters fighting over the car door

Girls ordering donuts at the bakery

Family leaving Revolution Donuts in Decatur

Family sharing donuts at the playground

Mom helping her daughters climb a tree

Girl climbing a tree

Mother and daughter cleaning up at preschool

Baby in carrier pulling moms mask down

Sisters sharing a teddy bear

Mom dressing her daughter in the minivan

Toddler birthday girl

Birthday party in the living room

Toddler clapping for her birthday cake

Dad and daughter with birthday cake

Grandparents at a birthday party

Toddler on the couch

Easter egg hunting in the yard

Little girl opening easter eggs

Little girl hugging bunny rabbit

Family sitting on their front steps

Family blowing bubbles
Little girl with Easter eggs

Parents relaxing in their backyard after the chaos

Boy sitting on a birthday present

Boy baking at home in the kitchen

A boy and his mom laughing in the kitchen

Birthday candles on a cake with family around

Birthday boy with cake all over him


YEAR IN THE LIFE | 2022 A whole year, documented and delivered to you in a beautiful album. Because it is what I do for my own family. Documentary photography (candid) with a few portraits mixed in to tell your family's story right now. Sometimes at home, and sometimes out and about in your world. I will document your family multiple times throughout the year, and at the end I will create a photo album of our time together. This 12 month subscription has three options with limited spots available:

12 One Hour Sessions | 1 a month

6 Two Hour Sessions | 1 every other month

4 Two Hour Sessions | 1 a season


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