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Year In The Life Family Photography | February 2022 | Atlanta

family eating pastries outside

Sisters playing together

Family walking in the park

girl laughing on the playground

Mom holding baby at park

baby smiling in moms arms

mom buying tickets at the atlanta zoo

girl on the carasoul at the atlanta zoo

Kids at the atlanta zoo looking at animals

family enjoying the petting zoo

family at the petting zoo feeding goats

Extended family walking on a park path

Mom and dad walking with daughter in carrier

Mom smiling at her daughter

Mom and daughter in the park laughing

Mother hugging her daughter outside

Mom and daughter walking in the woods

Grandma hugging her granddaughter

girl walking on grandpas feet

Family eating at a restaurant

Family walking and laughing on Atlanta beltline

Husband and wife hugging

A mother with her children

House under construction

Mom in new house with kids holding onto her legs

Kids helping mom fix the cabinet at home

Mother and daughter playing together and laughing

Mom with kids hanging off of her

Girl being fed spaghetti

Little girl laughing with her dad in the kitchen

The Year in the Life project is rolling along, with more great sessions in February! I tagged along to photograph these families living their everyday amazing.

We went to the park to eat pastries and play, and then to the zoo to explore... We took a walk through the woods with grandparents who were visiting Atlanta...We walked on the beltline and then to a celebration dinner...we helped get their new home ready for move-in, and ate their first meal on the floor in the new house.

All of these beautiful moments happen every day. It's so much fun capturing them with documentary family photography. With documentary photography not only do you get photos that tell your real story, but there is absolutely zero pressure to perform. The whole family can just be themselves, and I'll show you how great it all is.


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer and film maker in Atlanta, serving laid back families who understand how fast it's all going by. Her honest approach to photographing families results in honest and authentically beautiful images.


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