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A Year in the (schooled) Life | Documentary Family Photography | Coming this Summer to Atlanta

The Best Yearbook EVER.

girl playing hopscotch

Imagine being able to flip through a gorgeous album of your son's 2nd grade year. Or your daughter's senior year, and see authentic family photography that tells a story. A twist on the boring yearbook that you get from school, I'm so excited to roll out a new project I'll be offering next school year--A Year in the (schooled) Life. This subscription will include monthly 30 minute photo sessions compiled into 1 gorgeous album.

What is Documentary Family Photography?

"Documentary family photography preserves the story of your family life right now: nothing posed or directed; simply honest moments, beautifully photographed." (

What is "A Year in the (schooled) Life"?

Inspired by my Year in the Life project, in which I have regular documentary family photo sessions throughout the calendar year and then deliver the year's highlights in an album, this project will follow and document just one child throughout the school year. Of course the rest of the family will be around and included some, but these sessions will focus on one child.

Each month we will have a 30 minute weekday session to grab a few authentic portraits, as well as some artful candids of your child being who they are in this moment. This session could be a few minutes of an after school activity, or just playing at home, or it could be in the morning before school to capture some of the hectic daily routine and inevitable personality of your kiddo.

This eleven month subscription will run from July 2024-May 2025, with the credit card on file being charged, and it includes the monthly session plus an album of highlights at the end, for $255/month.

Why "A Year in the (schooled) Life"?

As a parent, one of the greatest joys in life is watching your child grow and develop into their own unique individual. And what better way to do so than through a photo album filled with family photojournalism. The album will include highlights from 11 monthly sessions, each showcasing their current hobbies, and the growth your child has made over the course of one grade.

This album will serve as a visual representation of your child's journey through one grade. As the famous saying goes, "The days are long, but the years are short." Don't let the precious moments of your child's growth slip away.

boy playing the drums

Are you interested in telling your child's unique story through family photojournalism? Reach out today to grab one of the limited spots for next school year!

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Chanda Williams is an award winning natural light photographer and film maker, with a focus on documentary family photography to tell the authentically wild and gorgeous story of family. She serves the Atlanta metro area and is available for travel.


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