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Capturing Moments Through candid family photography: A Year in Review and Looking Ahead to 2024


It was such a wonderful year for Chanda Williams Photography, and I am very grateful for every family whose life I got to take a peek into. I recognize what an honor it is to be let in to your home, and the trust and vulnerability that's needed to let me document real life through candid family photography.

The New Year is actually my favorite time of year, full of reflection and new beginnings. So I thought I'd take a few minutes to look at the year that just passed and daydream about the year to come!

A Glimpse Into 2023: Favorite Photos and Memorable Moments

mom and daughter on slide

The year started off strong with this gem from a January Year in the Life session. Even more than the color and joy in this photo, I love capturing moms having fun with their kids. So much of our time as parents is about herding and damage control, and I love it when I'm able to document the silliness that happens too.

boy and his mom at the kitchen sink

Anyone with a preschooler knows the patience and beauty of the "help" they insist on giving. This picture happened while I was at their house for a newborn session. I was photographing Dad and the new baby on the couch, and turned around to see this. The way the light was hitting them is what first made my heart flitter, and then I realized what was happening. A small daily occurance that I can tell you she will miss when he's grown up.

siblings rough housing

Ahhhh siblings. There is no relationship like it. The roller coaster ride is real, as is the lack of physical boundaries. I love documenting siblings acting just as they would if I wasn't there. Sometimes that takes hanging out for a while before they can ignore me, but I've been photographing these cuties since birth, so they are used to me being on the ground near them lol.

Two boys playing soccer in the backyard

This photo speaks to me as a mother who enjoys watching these little humans grow and be in the world. This is a scene so familiar that it can feel permanent. But of course it won't be very long at all before her son is not around to play soccer with the neighbor kid.

Dad helping his son get a popsicle from the freezer

What's more magical than an after dinner popsicle?! This is such an ordinary moment that nobody would remember if it weren't for this picture. The concentration on his face, the butterfly wings he's kind of wearing, and the way he's stepping on Dad's foot are all details that make me smile. Plus the day's coffee and latest bottle on the counter, and the dinosaur magnets on the fridge feel like such a beautiful time capsule.

boy with popsicle in the shower

More popsicles! Every family I photograph is different, and I love that. Each family does things their own way, like popsicles in the shower. It was a first for me, but it was habit for him!

mom giving daughter a kiss in bed

This picture will always be special to me. I attended the birth of this family's fourth baby, and this was a few hours later at home. Mom had just woken up the big sisters to go see the new baby. So special.

family playing a board game

Family game time is a great activity for families with older kids to do during our time together. I love this photo probably because my teens will also just lie on the ground and snuggle with the dog at random times.

girl in laundry basket

One of my favorite things to photograph is kids being weird...and maybe a little naughty. This photograph was taken during the bedtime routine, when she is supposed to be brushing her teeth. I love that she is frozen but watching to see if she's been seen. I even love the loads of laundry that haven't been put away because more interesting things have been happening!

Mom and dad kissing while making dinner

This was a sweet moment between hardworking parents. Parenting is so hard, and I love catching the tiny moments that pass between parents.

Lessons Learned in 2023

This year really solidified my desire to work on long term projects with families. I adore the long-term relationships I've built with clients as we work together to tell their family story. When there is a trust a rapport already established, I'm able to slip into the moment and get beautiful and honest photos of family life. One of my favorite client testimonials from this year:

"I just absolutely LOVE what our KWD neighbor Chanda Williams does every time she visits our family to take our ‘Year in the Life’ photos...Investing in professional photos that record how our family and lives change has been the best thing I've done post-pandemic."

Looking Forward: Goals and Offerings for 2024

In 2024 I'm looking forward to developing even more long term relationships with clients. I hope to work with more families who agree with me that everyday family life is amazing and worthy of being photographed. Not faking candids, but actually living your life while I make art.

I'm thrilled to start a third year of my Year in the Life project, welcoming a few new families to the project this year. I also plan on offering the 365 project (Baby's first year) as a subscription. There is so much that happens in that busy first year, so what a great time to automate family photography!

New in 2024, I'll be offering A Year in the (schooled) Life; a visual representation of your child's journey through one grade. Learn more about this exciting project here.

Feeling so grateful

I want to thank each and every family who has asked me to tell their story this year. It has been an honor, and I look forward to another amazing year!

Book Your Session in 2024

I'd love to make art out of your life in 2024. You can find more details about my photo sessions and how to book one here


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