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At Home Newborn Photography | Decatur GA

Newborn photoshoots are about the newest member of a family of course. A tiny human that is now and forever a part of something bigger. A family of four became a family of five, in one day.

Newborn photo sessions celebrate this newest member, but the session also includes the whole family. Adding a baby is a huge transition for everyone, and it's a moment that I love to document. I recently had the pleasure of photographing this big transition for the Ennis family.

The photoshoot was to celebrate baby boy Theo, and it was so much fun. I've been working with this family for years, and have gotten to watch the girls grow up, so I'm super excited to also now add Theo into the mix!

As with all big life moments, sometimes there's bound to be a meltdown or two. That's totally fine! Because I take an authentic and natural approach to documenting families, I actually love it when emotions are expressed.

It's the emotions and the connections that make a family. Two of my favorite pictures from this session are of big sister having a meltdown, and then Mom sitting on the ground (new baby in arms) to be with her and comfort her. Those photos make my heart sing because they are real.

Enjoy my favorites from Theo's at home newborn photoshoot:

newborn baby in blankets

newborn baby on a bed

Newborn baby yawning

big sister looking in the crib

Mom changing diaper

Big sisters with newborn baby

Family on the bed with newborn baby

Mom holding newborn baby

Mom in bedroom with newborn baby

Mom snuggling her newborn baby

Sisters snuggling baby on the bed

Sisters and their new baby brother

Sisters being silly at home

Girl jumping on trampoline

Girl playing at home

Kids playing together

Girl balancing on board

Girl spinning around

Little girl smiling on the bed

Mom holding coffee and smiling at her daughter

Dad holding his newborn son

Mom kissing her baby

baby boy yawning

Family at home laughing

Sisters snuggling

Mom and her babys

Little girl laughing in the kitchen

Girl standing under the counter

Girl having a temper tantrum at home

Mom comforting her crying daughter

family sitting on their porch


Chanda Williams is a natural light photographer and videographer for laid back families in Atlanta. She provides genuine photography and films for families who recognize that the days are long but the years are short. Her honest approach to documenting real moments and connections allows families to preserve the memories that are making while also telling their beautifully wild story.


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