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Family Photography | Atlanta

Now that life is opening back up after the pandemic, I'm getting inquiries for a whole new type of session--the post pandemic reunion photos! It's been really fun doing these photoshoots for families or friends who are finally able to travel to see each other, or to just hang out again.

One of these sessions recently was for a family with grown up kids, who were able to visit Atlanta again. I'm looking forward to seeing my older brother in July finally, so I absolutely get the excitement.

Family photography is not just for families with babies! As I'm learning in my own life, your babies never stop being your babies anyway.

“You raise them half-decent, and they grow up and leave. They move to Miami or California-- someplace with gourmet groceries and nude beaches because you've reared them to cook good and be liberal minded. It's just the opposite with your failures-- them kids stick to your tail like a cocklebur. You'd think it would be the other way around, but it's not. No matter how old I get, this will always amaze me.”
Michael Lee West, American Pie

A few of my favorite photos from our mini photo session:


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