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Family PhotoJournalism | Fall Break

Fall is a super busy time of year for me, as lots of families want fall family photos taken. So it was a pretty big deal that I took off two weekends in October to hang out with my own family. The boys had fall break, so we headed to North Georgia.

It was a really wonderful week. We went to a drive in movie, we went hiking and horseback riding, and even stopped by a fall festival and explored the Foxfire museum...we connected. We ended the week at a UGA baseball game and touring the campus--just another reminder that the time I have with my kids is limited.

I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the week because the way I document my own family is what I want to do for my clients. Honestly and authentically, telling the story of who we are right now and what we do together. Family Photojournalism.

Everyone can be themselves, and nobody has to say cheese/look perfect/be uncomfortable. At documentary family sessions I am a fly on the wall, tagging along with your family and documenting your day.

You'll notice that I'm actually in two of these pictures! My teenager offered to take a photo of me and my husband, and while I hate being photographed I also want to be part of our family history. I love the shots he got :)

Coming in 2022: A Year in the Life. A documentary family photography monthly subscription with an album at the end. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter below if you're interested!


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