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YEAR IN THE LIFE Family Photography | August 2022 | Atlanta

Documentary Family Photography

It was another hot hot August in Atlanta, but my Year in the Life families got out into nature and found ways to keep cool! With a trip to the ice cream store, a run through the splash pad at the zoo, and a swim at the neighborhood pool, they had lots of fun closing out the summer season while I tagged along to document these tiny little moments that are everything.

Documentary photography means nothing posed. I do get the occasional posed portrait, and I do think that portraits are important and beautiful pictures to have. But to me the meat of the coconut is the everyday moments of joy and connection. The details of our lives as families that make us who we are, and that turn out to be fleeting.

The days are long but the years are short

The best part of documentary family photography is that nobody has to do anything they don't want to do. Your chaos is beautiful and your family is perfect just as they are in each moment. And I can show you that!

Enjoy some of my favorites from my August Year in the Life photo sessions:

Brothers play air hockey in the basement

Family laughing while boy shows his drawing

Family hanging out in the basement playing games

Family on a hike

Family on a hike looking at a spider web

Girl poking at a mushroom on the hiking trail

Boy in the woods surrounded by tall trees

Family at the top of a mountain hike

Parents putting kids in stroller while the oldest cries

Mom giving her smiling daughter a piggy back ride

Little girl smiling at her mom

Mom holding baby boy in the ice cream shop

Family in the ice cream shop

Sisters eating ice cream at the ice cream shop

Girls on a walk with their family

Sleepy little girl rubbing her eyes

Mom waiting for her sleepy children to go inside

Bedtime routine at home with kids

Getting baby ready for bed

Mom reading a bedtime story to her girls in bed

Family at the petting zoo

Kids on their parents shoulders as they walk through the zoo

Mom twirling her daughter

Mother and kids at the zoo looking through the window

Family on the carousel

Mother and daughter riding the carousel at the atlanta zoo

A rainy play structure with a little hand sticking out

Mom and son playing in the splash pad at the Atlanta zoo

Mother and children running in the water at the atlanta zoo splash pad

Mom catching her daughter jumping in the pool

Girl swimming underwater at the pool

Underwater photo of girl diving for a toy in the pool

Girl throwing a toy into the pool

Mom hanging out in the pool with her daughter

Snuggles by the pool after a day of swimming

Year in the Life Family Photography

A spin on the Day in the Life sessions that I offer, Year in the Life is a photography subscription. A sort of set it and forget it way of capturing an entire year of your family's life through photos of moments you might have missed or forgotten.

Year in the Life is offered three ways: monthly, every other month or every season. It includes a few portraits and mostly candid documentary family photography. At the end of the year I make an album of highlights for the family to cherish.

If you think you might be interested in a Year in the Life subscription for your family, reach out and let me know. Space is very limited and I'll begin sign up in early November!

Real life family photography for parents who understand how quickly it's all going by and see the beauty in their everyday magic.


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