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Baby Photography | Atlanta, GA

Baby Photography | Atlanta, GA

365 project

Adorable (and oh so squeezable) Jackson is already 6 months old. We had our second of three photo sessions a couple of weeks ago to document the milestone. We started in his nursery, then walked to a nearby park.

I was Jackson's birth photographer back in January, and was so excited when his Mother chose to do the 365 project with me. We had a great newborn session, then his 6 month old session, and next January we will finish with a one year old session. After that I will design a customized baby book for the family to approve of first, and then cherish forever!

Are you ready to get started on your 365 project?

Just give me a shout and let's book your first session!

Newborn sessions are best booked while you are still pregnant. That way we can talk and get the business side of things finished. Then when your baby arrives we can schedule your session.

I like to schedule newborn sessions for when your little one is about 2-3 weeks old. That way your baby has "woken up" a bit, and her personality starts to show. Since I do not pose children, we don't need your baby to still be in the sleepy phase.


I have been photographing people for 20 years, and have always been most interested in moments between people. After I became a mother I realized how quickly time goes by and children grow up, and this pointed me toward family photography.

But the fake perfection of the family portraits of my childhood are gone. I want to document the real moments and personalities of your kids. The beautiful mess is perfection.

I use mostly natural light. That means that I do not use a flash or studio lighting, but instead work with daylight, and rarely the existing light in your home.

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