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Everyday Beautiful | Family Photography | Atlanta, GA

Everyday Beautiful

I know I'm not alone on this: sometimes when I'm with my kids I look around and realize that the moment is stunning. I have a feeling inside that is begging my memory to lock this one in.

Sunday mornings at my house tend to be like this. It's the day that my husband and I both take off of work, and we all get to sleep in before a relaxed breakfast together. Last Sunday I looked around and saw my little one "helping" to make the pancakes while sitting on the counter and actually just eating the pancakes while teasing the dog. He was wearing the scooby-doo PJ shirt that used to be my oldest son's. It's a shirt that I would never pick out for a photo session, but it's perfect. His hair hasn't been tamed. Meanwhile, my oldest son is taking jumpshots between bites--something he constantly does but will one day grow out of.

These pictures immediately take me back to the snuggles that happened right before we made breakfast. I can hear the putomayo CD that was playing. It's a moment from our story that I will cherish. Now I am offering this type of session to others.

The Everyday Beautiful sessions are inspired by my love for documenting my own family doing extraordinary regular things. When I look back over our family photos, most of my favorites are the ones that tell our true story. The one's where the house is a mess, my kids have holes in their socks and chocolate on their faces, and we're doing our seemingly mundane routine activities. But those activities are anything but mundane. Sunday morning pancakes and dancing in the kitchen are what I look forward to all week. They are where the truth of our family is and exactly the things I want to remember.

At Everyday Beautiful sessions, I will come to your home or follow your family during a routine or favorite activity. I will be more of an observer and photograph you as your moments unfold naturally. Think of it as family photo-journalism. This session will include your edited full resolution digital files via a password protected gallery, with the option of ordering professional prints or albums.


Don't worry--we will definitely get one or two amazing portraits while I'm there!

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