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Everyday Beautiful Films | Atlanta, GA

I have fallen in love with filming life, and especially everyday moments! It's all I can think about, and I already have my next few films planned out. I'm a big believer in the beauty of everyday, and the power of documenting it. For a long time I have been adding small video clips into my birth stories, and I think it helps to tell the story. Now I want to tell other parts of life, and the amazing everyday beautiful stories through film.

Of course I also want to film the big moments--I'm thinking birthdays and first school days--but the magic of everyday life slips on by. So here are my first two everyday beautiful films. Of course they are my own kids being silly. Moments I want to hold onto. Enjoy!

Puddle Jumping | April 2018

Stella's Bath | May 2018

Because I am new to telling a whole story with video, right now I will be offering portfolio sessions (and participating in workshops and making lots of films with my kids in them!). Soon I hope to offer family film sessions of big moments as well as everyday beautiful moments. Stay tuned!

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