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5 wardrobe tips for your fall family photo session

It's on everyone's mind--fall is here and it is time to book your family session!

I actually spent my morning picking out my own family's outfits for our photo session next week. Then I went to Target and a Mother of five was putting together her family's clothing options.

So I thought I would pass along some things I've learned over the years about how to plan for your fall family photo session:

1. Be comfortable, and rock your style!

I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. It's what I usually wear, and what I feel comfortable in. Whatever your own style is, do that at its best. Yes I did buy a new pair of jeans that I'm super excited about.

2. Start with yourself and go from there.

Figure out what you want to wear. What do you feel great in? Once you have that picked out and you can think about everyone else's outfits.

3. Think about the weather + location, and dress everyone appropriately.

If a surprise cold front came through, you might have to scrap that cute little sun dress. A happy toddler will make for a better experience and photos. You can use layers, which photograph well, and make sure everyone will be as comfortable as possible.

4. Don't match, but you can coordinate.

Some stores actually have coordinated family outfits for photos, so check with your favorite store if that's the look you want. By coordinate I just mean don't clash. Think of similar tones, or colors that work well together.

5. Avoid Neon and big logos.

Just trust me on this one. Simple is better, and neon doesn't photograph well. Too many busy patterns can be a bit much as well--unless that is your style, and then by all means.

I hope that helps. I know it can be overwhelming to pick out clothes for a photo session. Take a breath, and start with yourself. You will never regret having your picture made with your kids.

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Chanda is a natural light family photographer and film maker located in Atlanta. She provides soulful, genuine photography and films for laid back families who recognize how quickly it all goes by.Her honest approach to documenting real moments and connections allow families to preserve the memories they are making while also telling their beautifully wild story.


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