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Documentary Family Photography | Day In The Life | Atlanta

This was so much fun; I was honored to be included in a documentary "Day in the life" photoshoot--round robin style.

A group of six local photographers took turns photographing each other's family at different times of the same day. The result is a really cool peek into a day in the life of Atlanta families.

I met up with the lovely Naso family to photograph their Saturday morning. I followed them around as they ate pancakes, played basketball and walked to the park, shooting documentary family photos.

Documentary family photography is so special to me because it tells a family's story just as it is in this moment. There is no direction or posing, and I just adore the honesty of it. It is refreshing to see the beautiful in everyday moments!

So many aspects of family life feel universal, and photos that capture those elements really speak to me... A teenager on the kitchen floor as people step over him--I have one of those! The negotiations about getting dressed--yep! And of course the sibling relationship.

I also know that it won't be long before the teenager is not hanging out in the kitchen much at all. These stages are fleeting.

Enjoy my favorites from the day!

This shoot was part of a Day-In-The-Life in Atlanta session, where I worked with various photographers to show one day and how different families spent the day. To see the total day, follow this link to see the next part of the day.


Chanda Williams is a natural light family photographer in Atlanta, who tells the family story through a mix of lifestyle and documentary photography and family films.


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