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Fall Family Photography | Atlanta | The Marriotts

atlanta family portrait
mother and daughter
mother daughter hugging
family portrait
mother snuggling her son

laughing little girl

candid family portrait

mother holding her son

family portrait outside in Atlanta

baby girl running and laughing

baby girl in leaves

mother daughter in the leaves

Natural Fall Family Photography

I love the tradition that some families have: the annual fall family photo session! There are some families that I see every year about this time, and this is one of those families. I think it's so cool that they choose me every year to capture their beautiful family. Plus I get to watch their kids grow up, which is tons of fun.

Of course the weekend we booked for our session, it seemed more like winter than fall. It was so cold, I wasn't sure how it would work out. But it was great. With everyone properly bundled, and just a few nose wipes, we found the sun and kept moving to stay warm.

Making sure that the entire family is physically comfortable is a big part of having a successful family photo session. A cold (or too hot and sweaty) family doesn't photograph well. And more importantly, the best pictures happen when everyone is having fun. Layers and accessories are great ways of making sure the whole family is comfortable.


Looking at my best photographs from this session, what jumps out at me is that the family is not looking at the camera in most of them. I like these because the image feels honest and authentic--baby girl is laughing at her silly dad, and that speaks to their connection. I always get some pictures with everyone looking at the camera, but then we have fun and see what unfolds!

In a sense, the photographs I take for families make memories. The actual session might be remembered, but the photo will become a memory, too. I know that what I want to remember is the love and connections between us. I want to remember how I make my kids laugh, and the amazing snuggles.


Chanda Williams is a family photographer and videographer in Atlanta, capturing authentic and emotive moments. She specializes in lifestyle maternity, newborn and family photography and videography.

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