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Family Photography + Videography | Kirkwood, Atlanta

I recently had a summer photo and video session with this really cool family, who is dear to my heart. I was honored to witness the birth of their youngest, who turned one year old that weekend. I love working with this family--their girls are hilarious, the baby is adorable, and the overall feeling of love is simply gorgeous.

I wanted to capture this moment for them; summer fun as a family of five. Big changes are coming and the memory of this time is precious. The family film that resulted shows their immense love for each other, and the genuine fun they have together. Nothing posed or staged, just authentic connections + lots of fun. Enjoy!

Every Family Film session includes some still images too. I love videography but still photography will always be special to me. Check out some of my favorites from the day below. You'll notice that the perfect family portrait with everyone smiling fake smiles at me is not included. That's because the photos that move me are the honest photos of kids being kids, and parents loving them wholeheartedly.

mother with her children
baby boy looking at his mom

Mom and snuggly toddler

little girl laughing

girl on trampolene

baby boy in toy car

fun family photos, documentary style

fun family photos, documentary family photos

documentary family photos

Family films document real life. It is a curated home movie that captures the personalities and love that make a family.

Are you ready to book your family film?

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