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Newborn Photography | Decatur | Family Photojournalism

I recently photographed this adorable baby and his family, about three weeks after he arrived. Newborn photo sessions are of course about the newest family member, but they are also about the whole family--including siblings and pets! I offer in home photography because the home you have made is a big piece of your family's story.

I love including older siblings at newborn sessions. Their honesty and unpredictability is a fun challenge, always makes for beautiful photos, and I just love documenting the beginning of an incredible relationship to make authentic family photography.

Siblings shape us in many ways, and the photos I take at newborn sessions are some of the first of many to come. Sometimes big sisters and brothers don't want anything to do with me (and the baby) at first, so I get pictures of the baby and the sibling is in the background. But I've never had a newborn session where the older sibling didn't come around if left alone.

This adorable and very sweet big sister wanted to be involved in her brother's newborn session. She wanted to hold him and be a helper, and I love the photos we got! Below are some of my favorites.

newborn baby yawning

mom and dad holding newborn baby

mom holding baby

mom holding newborn

Dad in nursery with newborn

Sister holding newborn brother

sister with newborn brother

newborn baby on bed

family with newborn baby

family with newborn baby


Newborn photo sessions are best scheduled for when your little one is 2-3 weeks old. This timing allows them to wake up a bit but still look like a newborn. I want her personality to peek out at us! I don't pose babies in any unnatural poses, so I don't need our session to be in the first 10 days when babies are so sleepy. If you are itching to get an announcement out, I'm happy to schedule our session sooner ;-)

The next step is to book your session with a deposit.

Ready to book your newborn session? Let's chat!


Chanda Williams is a natural light documentary family photographer in Atlanta and Decatur, specializing in authentic and emotive photography and films.


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